Driving Test Booking or Book a Driving test was so easy But Now it’s Too Hard. A massive Number of Student are Waiting to find a test and it a very good competition. Before the COVID-19 pandemic derailed our lives, the average waiting time for a driving test used to be 2 months. However, due to national and local state restrictions, the waiting period for a driving test has now been extended up to 5 months. If you’re trying to get your driving license as soon as possible, then this long waiting time can prove to be a hurdle. So, do you want an opportunity to take your driving test within the next few weeks? Sounds impossible, right? But we make this dream come true for you through Our fast-track driving test booking service. From the beginning to the very end, our experts take care of every step in your license acquisition journey. Our Fast-Track DVSA Driving Test Booking Service is also ideal for those of you who need a quick re-test. If you recently took the DVSA driving test but have failed, then our team would be happy to help you schedule your theory and practical test. From new learners to seasoned drivers, we can help you get driving test-ready by honing your driving skills in no time! Fine tune your driving skills and learn how to maneuver your way through dreadful traffic with our Fast-Driving Test Booking Service!


To book you a fast-track driving test, we will need to know certain details about you. These Details Include:

  • Select your test centre
  • Choose your test application date. Then Click continue.
  • Provide your driver license and Personal information.
  • Dabble check your email and the information you provided.
  • Read the Tram & Condition.
  • Make your payment using bank transfer or card
You will receive an email about payment, and your booking requests confirmation. Including all information, you have provided to us. Then Wait for 2nd Email Within 1 To 4 Hours’ Time, our team will send you another email which is 2nd Email. You can find your DVSA Booking Reference Number and All the other related Information there. After Received That Email You Must Need to Change Your Email, Address & Mobile Number.Here is The Link for Change Driving Test ( or you can find if from your email as well )


It can be tricky for you to find the time and wait in a queue to book your driving test. Furthermore, due to the shortage of DVSA driving test slots, the waiting period for these tests has become awfully long. The increased demand of driving tests and a huge crowd of learners are now finding themselves waiting for up to six months at a time to find a driving test spot. But our fast-track driving test booking service is here to save you from the trouble! If you’re a learner who’s finished their driving lessons and is ready to take the leap of faith with a driving test, then you can secure a driving test date with the help of our expert team! Did you know? Between the months April and December of 2021, approximately 41,000 driving test cancellations were made. Due to the overwhelming amount of driving test cancellations that happen in the UK, we also track the cancellations to get you the soonest driving test date. Book a practical driving test with us stress free at the best date and time slot available! Receive instant notification once your test has been scheduled by our experts!


Beat the exhaustingly long driving test waiting time and book yourself a practical fast-track driving test today! We are the best in business when it comes to tracking cancellations and finding you the best driving test spot near you. You’d be surprised to learn that an early test spot is available on the DVSA website for a matter of just a few seconds and with our fast-track admins by your side, you can seize this opportunity instantly! Here’s why our customers love us:

Save Your Time
With our intuitive platform, you can save yourself from the trouble of waiting for months to book a practical driving test. Furthermore, if you don’t have the time to track driving test cancellations, then just sit back on your couch and relax! Our in-house experts will get you an excellent test spot!

Multiple Booking Features
Our website provides driving test booking features to suit the availability and feasibility of every type of learner. You can choose from a manual option wherein we will text you on your registered mobile number about an available slot. This is ideal for learners who can communicate with us during working hours. However, if you’re busy, we have an auto-book feature that automatically books the first slot available for the driving test as per your preferences.

Multiple Driving Test Center
We give our customers an option to choose from a wide range of driving test centers to suit their requirements and availability. We also notify you about any recent driving test cancellations driving test cancellations on your registered email or mobile number.


Practical test

Practical test

Fast-Track Practical Driving Test Booking. Book A Practical Driving Test Fast And Quick With ..

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Thoury Test Booking

Theory test

Fast-Track Theory Test Booking Service Book a DVSA Theory Test Fast And Earlier With FDTBOOKING.

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ADI Test Booking


If you are facing Struggling to find a Test For ADI Part 2 Or ADI part 3 Just Let us Know. We, Will, Try to get a..

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Intensive Driving Course

Intensive Courses

Book a Fast-Track Intensive Car Driving Course or Crash Course From us. Get your UK Full Driving ..

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Trust our services to find the best DVSA driving test schedule for you to acquire your license as soon as possible! Our service experts efficiently track the driving test cancellations near your location and book you a test slot as soon as it gets vacant. What’s more, you ask? The unbeatable customer benefits include - DVSA driving test booking services, unlimited test changes, 100% money back guarantee (in rare cases where we can’t find a slot for you), and 100% online booking!


1. What is the current waiting period for a DVSA driving test?
Due to the national and local restrictions due to the pandemic, the waiting period for a driving test can last for up to six months.

2. Why should I book a fast-track driving test?
If you don’t want to go through the trouble of standing in long queues and waiting for a period of up to six months to get your driving license, then you must book a fast-track driving test with us today!

2. Why should I book a fast-track driving test?
If you don’t want to go through the trouble of standing in long queues and waiting for a period of up to six months to get your driving license, then you must book a fast-track driving test with us today!

3. Can I take my fast-track driving test over a weekend?
Unfortunately, driving test centers rarely offer driving tests over the weekend or in the evenings. However, our team will try its best to find a schedule to suit your requirements.

5. I want to book a fast-track driving test but I had booked a practical test for a further date on DVSA. What can I do?
In such a case, you can cancel your practical test booking before the mentioned cancellation date on DVSA and get a full refund.

6. How do you book a fast-track driving test?
Our experts are the real rulers of the search system when it comes to finding the perfect test schedule for you. They snap up any driving test cancellations that come their way and book it for you instantly.

7. Where and when will my driving test be scheduled?
While we can't guarantee you the exact dates and location that you’ve requested for, we guarantee to track the driving cancellations efficiently to find a test centre that’s closest to you.

8. Why should I choose your services for fast-track driving test booking?
If you want the best team of experts in the market to find a driving test spot for you, then you must contact us today! Not only do we save your time by fast-track bookings but also provide our services in a budget-friendly manner.

9. How much do you charge for your driving test booking services?
To get further details about how much we charge for our services, visit our website and send in an enquiry today. Our experts will contact you about your requirements and quote a price accordingly.!

10. How do I receive the confirmation about my driving test booking?
Once your slot is booked and approved, you’ll receive the update on your registered email id and contact number.
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